Los Angeles Nursing History. The history of Nurses in Los Angeles had never been told before. Now in a single volume learn how five nurses traveled to Los Angeles in 1856 and created one of the largest groups of nurses in the United States.

nurses_of_los-angeles_cover21Casewrap Hardcover: 331 pages
ISBN: 978-0982650929
Publisher: Semper Publishing (May 2010)
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1 inch

Chapter 1 Nurses Arrive in Los Angeles: 1856–1894
Chapter 2 The Great Decade: 1895–1913
Chapter 3 The History of Graduate Pins
Chapter 4 The Great War to the Great Depression: 1914–1929
Chapter 5 Nurses Take Off: 1930–1941
Chapter 6 Girls Who Dreamt to Become a Nurse
Chapter 7 World War II: 1942–1945
Chapter 8 Baccalaureates, Theorists, and Associates: 1946–1969
Chapter 9 Books to Protest and Collect
Chapter 10 Practitioners, Doctorates, and Scientists: 1970–1996
Chapter 11 Anniversaries and Future Roses: 1997–2013
Copyright © 2010 Nurses of Los Angeles

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