Nurses of Los Angeles: Uncapping the Mystery | Cynthia Broze

LA Nurses, Cynthia Broze


The history of Los Angeles nurses has never been told before. Now in a single volume learn how the nurses in Los Angeles began.

Over 400 photographs—many never before published—of forgotten events and little-known histories of Los Angeles nurses, schools, and events from 1856 to 2013. Although this book is about nurses it is not written for nurses only. The book details the development of a professional group whose actions often affected the citizens and the history of the Los Angeles basin and the United States.

The first Los Angeles schools and graduate nurse pins
WWI and WWII nurses including the POWs
The Aerial Nurse Corps of America
The original eight Boeing Air Transport nurse-stewardesses
Railway nurses
The Phillips 66 Highway Hostesses
Original lamp Florence Nightingale carried in the Crimea War
Nightingale’s jeweled Royal Badges
Nurses Anesthetists, Nurse Practitioners, Midwives, Public Health Nurses, and much more

The cover image is an Ansel Adams photograph of Aiko Hamaguchi. She was born in Long Beach, studied pre-nursing at Los Angeles City College and her nurse’s training at Los Angeles General Hospital. In 1943 she was evacuated, with other Japanese-Americans citizens and resident Japanese aliens, to Manzanar War Relocation Center in Owens Valley. Ansel Adams photographed the life and people of Manzanar and Hamaguchi was his most photographed subject.